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Anyone who has read a newspaper or switched on TV over the last few years could be forgiven for believing that, accident victims and, particularly their lawyers are responsible for most of the world’s ills. The so called “compensation culture” has been blamed for everything from the cancellation of school sports days to the current economic crisis. Accident victims are criticised for claiming the compensation they deserve and those that represent them are often labelled “ambulance chasers”.

Whilst these extreme examples may attract the headlines the reality is usually very different. The media debate is often misinformed and, in any event, wholly misses the point.

When someone has suffered injury through someone else’s fault or neglect then they should be entitled to be compensated for their loss. Why should the innocent victim be made to feel guilty about recovering their loss of earnings or other financial losses they have suffered as the result of another person’s fault? Surely it is the person who caused the accident that should bear the loss (usually through their insurers) rather than the innocent victim. After all compensation is about putting the injured person, so far as money can, back in the position they would have been in if the accident had not occurred. It is not about the victim being able to make a gain or profit from the accident.

All too often the rights of the injured individual are being overlooked in the ongoing media debate in favour of the large £multi-million insurance companies. This should never be allowed to happen.

We believe that the innocent individual’s rights must always be put first and we are proud to represent those unfortunate enough to find themselves in that position.


Tony Henshaw

Personal Injury

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