Is Your Land or Property At Risk from Fraud? Can You Take Steps To Reduce The Risk? The answer to both these questions is YES

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Worryingly, scams and fraudulent activity affecting our assets are on the increase. Your property is at a higher risk of being fraudulently sold or mortgaged if:

  • The property is not registered at HM Land Registry.
  • Your identity has been stolen.
  • You rent out your property.
  • You live overseas.
  • The property is empty.
  • The property is not mortgaged.

 BUT you can take some simple steps to reduce risk and help protect your property.

By registering you property with HM Land Registry you will reduce the risk of someone falsely claiming ownership of your property.  Additionally, once your Title is registered, the loss or destruction of Title Deeds is no longer a problem.  At Kenyon Son & Craddock we can make an application for voluntary registration of your property at HM Land Registry.

If your property is already registered at HM Land Registry we can help increase your protection further by adding what is known an ‘anti-fraud restriction.’  This effectively stops HM Land Registry registering a sale or mortgage of your property unless a Conveyancer or Solicitor certifies the application was made by you.

We can also check that your address  is correct on the Registers of Title. HM Land Registry will use these details to contact you if applications are made that affect your property. You can have more than one address listed to give you further protection.

NOW is the time to take action to protect your assets and we are here to help you.

Call our conveyancing team on 01405 813108 (Thorne) or 01405 720850 (Goole)or email

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