Family Mediation

Family breakdown is distressing. It can be hard to keep communication channels open with family members when you’re in crisis. We are here to help you make your own decisions about the future when you most need support and understanding.

Family Mediation is a confidential process which improves communication, reduces conflict and helps you reach an agreement, which suits you and your family.  Mediation helps you to sort out arrangements for your children and your finances , including the future of the family home, pensions and child support.

Mediation  helps to minimise conflict, improve family life and avoid long, painful and expensive legal battles. In fact, in most cases, you will need to at least attend an initial mediation meeting before you can issue court proceedings.

Although mediation is primarily for separating couples, married and living together,  we can also help with other family disputes, involving grandparents, step parents, aunts, and uncles and other family members. We understand the complexity of family life. We won’t take sides or make judgements but we will help you communicate more effectively with one another and consider options for agreeing workable settlements.

Family Mediation FAQ