Compensation – It’s the last thing we do

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Literally, compensation is the last (and most important) thing that we deal with in any case. The compensation that we recover for our clients provides them with the financial security they require following a life changing accident. The purpose is to put them back, so far as money can, in the position they would have been in had the accident not occurred. It can be used for items such as wheelchairs, changes to the home or vehicles, to cover a lifetime’s loss or reduction in earnings and to pay for professional care and private medical treatment.

However, it is not, by any means, the only thing we do.

When we are first approached by someone who has suffered a life changing accident the most important thing we can do is to listen. It’s not until we fully understand their particular circumstances that we can use our skill and expertise to find the perfect solution. We then carry out a full assessment and prepare a detailed case plan designed to get the injured person’s life back on track as soon as possible and protect their long term future.

If there’s likely to be any dispute as to who was responsible for the accident, it is essential that we resolve this issue without delay. By doing so we provide peace of mind for the injured person knowing that they will ultimately receive fair and just compensation for the injuries and financial loss they have suffered.

We will then arrange an immediate needs assessment to consider what care is required in the short term and what steps can be taken to start the rehabilitation process. We can also request upfront payments to cover any ongoing loss of earnings and avoid unnecessary financial pressure being put on the injured person and their family. At this stage we will also be liaising with medical and other experts to put the recommended steps in place and start the process of getting the client’s life back on track.

Once the immediate concerns have been dealt with and a rehabilitation plan has been put in place, we can get to work, assessing the full extent of the injuries and financial implications. Depending on the circumstances of the case, this can take some time as we arrange the necessary medical and other expert reports to provide us with the evidence that we need. We continue to monitor progress throughout, making any necessary adjustments to the case plan and, where recommendations are made, ensuring that they are implemented without delay.

It is only when the long term effects of the injury and its financial implications are fully understood that we can move to the final stage of the process which is to ensure that the injured person receives full and just compensation. That is the last thing we do!!!

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